Snap Shack
Four Corners Photo Booth



Snap Shack

The Four Corners Premier Photo Booth


Get Ready for A Party!

Whether you are having a wedding, graduation, dance, company party, or anything else, the Snap Shack is the best way to capture those moments with friends and family.


We keep this love in a


-Ed Sheeran

At Snap Shack we customize our 9ft x 9ft inflatable, glowing room/booth to fit any event, party, etc... outside or inside! We can also create a backdrop scene...making all your party dreams come to life!  Printing retro photo strips....INSTANTLY & sending private party hosts an entire digital file of all the snaps! 

Pictures are what we do...& we do it REALLY well... making memories that you & all your guests will cherish for years to come!  How's that for a party favor?!!